Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization by Computer VIP otherwise known as SEO is crucial for todays businesses. If you just found us through the web, then you’ve seen our work first hand. We can help your business or hobby website to first page status on the major search engines.  Click the pic to see one of our most successful websites.

At Computer VIP, we focus on using correct Search Engine Optimization practices recommended by the major 4 search engines. We don’t believe in shady practices to canvas traffic. We believe organic search results are the key to any businesses long term success. Because after all, anyone can design a web site but designing it properly for search engines is another matter altogether. Google search engines process over 60% of search requests so its very important to optimize your web site for Google. Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Ask occupy the rest of the chart as well. Stop by our Search Engine Optimization location today to talk to our developers about how we can help your business.
Adwords Google Marketing
Over the past decade SEO has become a more and more prevalent way of doing business. We’ve seen major brick & mortar retailers like Borders simply replaced by the likes of That’s why its so important to make sure your business is not only visible but competitive to increase your foothold. Google Adwords is a complex web application that takes experience and marketing analysis to use. At ComputerVIP, we specialize in developing Adwords marketing campaigns that will generate more business while we develop the organic results over the long term.
Call us today to schedule an appointment and get a free consultation. We look forward to properly building your site for maximum results and business traffic.