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Data Recovery Weymouth

Data Recovery by Computer VIP is so crucial now with the prevalence of data, videos, pictures, documents and more on peoples pcs, the files themselves now are worth much more than the pc’s they reside on. That’s why Data Recovery is so important. We use state-of-art Data Recovery techniques to recover and Transfer Data from your infected, corrupted or damaged hard drive.
Our advice to all our customer’s is: BACK UP YOUR FILES!

Above is a memory stick.  Due to a bend in the stick, we had to divert the grounding with a small wire to the outer part of the chip.  We retrieved all the data.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes this advice and when their computer crashes, they are in a panic. Fortunately, at Computer VIP in most cases, we are able to retrieve your valuable information. Call CVIP for pricing and information. We recover the following formats: All Hard Drives All Memory Sticks
We also can transfer data from your old computer to your new computer. We always recommend to all our customers to frequently back up their files, music and pictures often incase a Virus attacks or a Hard Drive fails. Call us today or stop by our Data Recovery location for a free assessment of your data recovery or data transfer request.